AIMS Stress Free Trading system for Metatrader (The best trading system !!!)

AIMS Stress Free Trading system for Metatrader (The best trading system !!!)
AIMS Stress Free Trading system for Metatrader (The best trading system !!!) AIMS Stress Free Trading system for Metatrader (The best trading system !!!) AIMS Stress Free Trading system for Metatrader (The best trading system !!!) AIMS Stress Free Trading system for Metatrader (The best trading system !!!)
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50-150 Pips Daily Forex Trading Strategy-AIMS Stress Free Forex Trading

Yes it is possible
We Made 694 Pips on
Friday 8th of Feb 2013

Today the 25th of Feb 2013 Sell Signal
485 Pips
485 Pips from One Trading Campaign with a risk of only 15 pips

Today the 15th of Feb 2013 we made
259 Pips within 43 Mintues
259 Pips within 43 pips
392 Pips Below
392 Pips in One Session using AIMS Stress Free Trading Strategy
117 Pips within 35 Mintues Early Morning
Date 8th of Feb 2013
117 Pips within 43 minutes today the 8th of 2013

Oh Yes!
IT IS Possible
You Can Do it Too
We Made a
Profit of +117 Pips within 35 min
of European
Open 07:00 - 07:35GMT
+97 Pips within 30 Min of London Open
Open 08:00 - 08:30GMT

On Friday, The 8th of Feb 2013
So, It was still 08:30GMT
And We Had Already Made
+214 Pips Before Breakfast

The Day Finished with a Whooping
694 Pips

Do I Have Your Attention?
Ok! Great, so

Are you Fed-Up of Checking Dozens of Indicators?

Do You Want a Simpler, Quicker, Easier Strategy?
I'm Sure You Do! We All Do!

Simple is The BEST

Today 385 Pips385-pips-Euro-Yen-what-a-blast
The other Day on the

21ST of Feb 2013129 PIPS EURO YEN TODAY THE 21ST OF FEB 2013

How about a Successful, Tried &Tested System?
How about Only 3 Indicators?
Three Most Reliable Indicators
and that's not it!
to Assist You and to Make Your Trading Decision Easier
We Also Give You A Buy and Sell Alert

How about a Very Simple System with
Buy and Sell Talking Alerts

Buy Sell Trading Alert Signal Alarm

YES! That's Rigth!
and Sell Talking Alerts

Buy Sell Alert Indicator says Euro Dollar  Red Dot which means Trade Short

Which means
"Hey! You Better Check Your Charts Something is About to Happen"
Check This Chart Below
Today 13th of Feb 2013
New York Session
84 Pips one trade during New York Session - Simple

so, How about a Very Simple System with
Only Three Simple Rules

The Three Simple Rules Have been Tried and Tested for Years
and Helping Us Trade The Correct Setups
at the Right Times And that's it. Simple!
Are You Ready to Make Pips?
"You’re About To Learn a Simple Method
We Use with Great Success on a Daily Basis"

All You Need is
Trade the

Buy and Sell Dots!

There is No Hard Work Involved

There is No Confusion and Ambiguity


Wait for Dots,
That's All!

We Did Exactly That
Today The 14th of Feb 2013

More than 100 Pips Today

The Secret of Any Successful Forex Trading Strategy is in these 3 Simple Points

A successful system must have the following:


Crystal Clear Entry Signals

Bigger Winners and tiny non-winners (1:3 Risk Reward)

Simple Profit Taking Techniques and Risk Management

And this is Exactly what AIMS Promises You!

AIMS is Simple

Clear Entry and Exit

Easy Risk Management
Maximise Your ROI

Here is what AIMS can do for YOU

Spot on Visual and Audible Entry Signals

Accurate Visual and Audible Exit Signals

Works in Trending and Non-Trending Markets

Simple Visual Trailing Stop Loss

Low Risk Initial Entries

3 Simple, Easily Understood Entry Rules

Trailing Stops similar to the Legendary Turtles Technique

Sound Money Management and Position Sizing

I Trade this System Strategy  Daily Live with Friends from around the Globe and We Love it AIMS Stress Free Trading Strategy

Here is one of the Best Trading Advice You'll Ever Learn

Trade What you See NOT  What You think

We Are Going to Show You How To Trade Stress Free
You Don't Need Hours of Analysis
You Don't Need Endless Reading and Researching
We Show You How to Trade The Picture


OK, Time for an Example
Red Dot - Short  Trade Entry Signal

So, above we see a Red Dot
We take a short trade 1 pip below
the shaded area, that's the AIMS Level.

btw, this Red Dot has a Sound, Email and Even an iPhone Push Alert for you to be Alerted even if you are not at your screen.


Blue Dot - Exit Trade Signal

You wait for the Exit Dot to appear.
In the Picture Above You see a
Blue Dot that tells you it's time to bank Your Profits, Hurray!

Our New V5.1 Indicators Has Many More Options

Today The 11th of Feb 2013

91 Pips from this Blue Dot Today 11 Feb 2013


e.g. Your V5.1 Entry Alert Can Be Set to Filter Counter-Trend Entry Signals. Saving You Time and Effort!
We Call them The Black Dots.
and there are many more options

The Result: A Stress Free 2% Account Growth within 15 mintues.

Come and Join us in Live Trading Chatroom

So, What Makes this Strategy
Stress Free and Highly Successful?
Its Simple and
It has a clear Entry and Exit System
It has built in Risk Management

All You Need is to
Trade the

Buy and Sell Alerts!

There is No Hard Work Involved

There is No Confusion and Ambiguity


Wait for Dots,
That's All!

80% of Trading is in the Mind Forex Success is in the Mind

Successful Forex Traders, Professional Athletes, Businessmen and Artists Share One Thing

Relaxed, Calm, Stress Free

They Know How to "Play"

Enable Yourself to "Trade in The Zone"
by Using
AIMS Stress Free Trading

In order to make it Easier for You to Understand
The Power of The Three Rules, that Helps You Make Stress-Free and Quick Trading Decision, and to Speed Up the Learning Process,

We have Broken Down the Three Rules in to

A Logical Step-by-Step Flow Chart for Making Entries

The Three Rules Flow Chart

Does it Work on ALL Time Frames?

YES it works on higher time frames

Do You Work Full Time or Part Time?

Would You Like to Trade Minimum Hours?

I have Good News For You

The Strategy Works on All the Time Frames

3535 Pips Locked on EUR/JPY Daily Chart

EUR/JPY Daily Chart - Thirty Five Hundred Pips

It Works on Forex, Stocks and Commodities

Brent (OIL) Buy Signal from 18th of Jan 2013 - 50 Points

Brent Buy Signal 50 Points Profit

Gold Daily Chart - An Easy 135 Points Profit


Today The 15th of April 2013
EUR/JPY H1 A Beautiful Setup with 309 Pips
GBP/JPY H1 A Beautiful Setup with 404 Pips
700 pips today the 15th of April 2013

Traded on 14th of Feb 2013
EUR/JPY H1 A Beautiful Setup with 203 Pips
203 Pips on Higher Time frames today the Valentines Day

Gold Hourly Chart 24 Points
Today 13th of Feb 2013


Are You Thinking How is that Possible?

Do You See The Market as a Product of Randomness?

Do You Perceive it as Unpredictable and Dangerous?

Rest Assured

As an AIMSter (short for AIMS Trader ;)
You May See and Believe that....
The Market is Highly Organized and Structured

With AIMS its not Random Anymore its rather
Structured and Organised
This is Because AIMS Stress Free Trading strategy is based on

"The Structure of the Market"

And, this "Structure of the Market" that we have discovered through years of research is Self Repeating,

This repetitive Pattern is Called
and The Setup Remains
the Same on All Time Frames, Currencies, Stocks or Commodities.
No Matter What Time Frame.

The Market is a Supreme Example of Fractal Geometry

Think Structure within the Structure, its Amazing!

I'm Sure You Would You Like to Know
the Structure of the Market
and Learn How to Trade it?

This is What AIMS Stress Free Strategy is Designed to Do For You

Learn about The Structure of the Market in Simple Steps.

Make 100+ Pips Daily By Using this Powerful Information

Count Elliott Waves within 10 seconds

AIMS Teaches You How to Trade In-Tune with The Structure of The Market
Once You Know This Powerful Secret You Will

Trade with Confidence

Remain Stress Free

Stay Focused Yet Relaxed

Enjoy Trading

That's when you'll experience
How to trade be in The Zone, Get in the Zone, Trade with Blue Dot Red Dot Entry Alert Stress Free Using AIMS Talking Alert Buy and Sell Indicator Alert Signal Voice Human
That's when you'll

"Know Without Knowing How You Know"

This is Almost Like MAGIC

So Now You Know Why Its Called

AIMS Stress Free Forex Trading Strategy System
Because We Share With You Techniques to Control Your Mind and Make Use of The Full Potential of Your Mind

Customer Testimonial Blue Dot Exit AIMS Talking Alert Buy and Sell Indicator Alert Signal Voice Human

Hello, Immy,

Well my first day in the room, 100 pips profit. Is this for real? Am I dreaming? I honestly don't know. As I been up for what seems like all week, I think that maybe this is some sort of Forex nirvana!! I have been trying to trade successfully for many years with the same result ....margin call. I remember reading Bill Williams book when it first came out, but not being able to put it all together. Yet yesterday I bought a PDF (AIMS-Ebook) for 100 bucks that has given me more hope than I have had in years!!! Am I dreaming? As someone who has read most material on market behavior I am aware of how the markets move in the way that R.N.Elliot described. But how to trade it properly? That was the question. So seeing the double bottom on the 5 min today I knew what to expect, an impulse wave, but will this 99 dollar simplistic software catch it? I seriously doubt it. Yet there it was impulse wave off the bottom then the alligator closed its mouth a blue dot appeared and the traders wet dream occurred, I caught wave 3!!!

Very clear no ambiguity just follow the rules. Immy I really don't know if you know what you have here, but there was a gentleman in the room that was gushing over what he saw trading 5 screens and all. I completely agree with his assessment, AIMS rocks. O.K. Its only been one day, and really I don't even know all the rules and nuances, but I am EXTREAMLY encouraged. I have a long way to go but thanks for the hope!!!

Have a great weekend,



Customer Testimonial Blue Dot Exit AIMS Talking Alert Buy and Sell Indicator Alert Signal Voice Human

06 Jan 2013

It is time I added my appreciation to the creators of this system, which is certainly better than anything else I've set eyes on. In the first 3 months I have pulled over 900 pips from the market, and this is in
spite of making some ridiculous mistakes which I was responsible for.

When you follow the system, and take minimal notice of other chatter and news and opinion, and just trade what you see, not what you think, the wins exceed the losses and a reliable account growth just happens automatically.

My forex journey has taken me through a series of systems, it would not be appropriate to name them now, suffice to say few robots actually produce such good results in live trading as they do on demonstration accounts, and all the claims of the vendors have to be seriously questioned.

I have been able to get steady gains of every week, just on one currency pair, perhaps the hardest part about it is having the patience and discipline to wait for the ideal moment to enter trades. They are magic moments and the payback makes it well worth staying near the screen and keeping an eye on developments. This comment is most appropriate for trading in short timeframes eg the one minute and five minute charts. The system is said to be good still for anyone who wants to trade 4 hour and daily charts, but their results will be slower coming in.

Worth every penny. Actually the price is insignificant, it's a one off joining fee, and the support and community which goes with it is very helpful. The more you put into it the more you will reap. It really offers the potential for an income stream which could soon exceed the prime minister's salary

Ray, England, UK


Customer Testimonial Blue Dot Exit AIMS Talking Alert Buy and Sell Indicator Alert Signal Voice Human

"I would just like to drop you a quick line and tell you how thrilled I am with AIMS Stress Free Forex Trading System. The rules are extremely easy to follow. And I find the entries on the break of Aims very easy to spot, supported with visual and audible alerts makes it even easier.

I've traded a lot of systems, but AIMS Stress Free Forex Trading System, without a doubt, is the best.
All anyone has to do to succeed with AIMS system, is to stick with it until you have mastered it, it is really that simple....
cheers and keep up the good work...........

Kaye, Australia


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